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There has got to be something wrong with my mother…i swear…i love her so much and she acts like i do nothing but BOTHER her every single day. Like she complains that i dont visit and call enough but i seriously email and text and call and visit ALOT. more than a 23 year old woman living on her own should..along with the fact that she tells me i have NO CHOICE but to come home some weekends…look im sorry and all but im paying my own bills and taking care of myself right now without any of your help so just let me be me for a while…its seriously making me not want to live around her..i hate this..i seriously want to move far away from her and let her know what it’s really like..seriously its not like i treat her bad or anything..ive always tried my best to be the good daughter and tell her how much i luv her.



A lot of people have messaged me after seeing my Lavender Team and said they’be been inspired to create a pink team as well so I decided to do a pink themed giveaway this time to help three lucky winners on their way!

There will be three winners, the first winner picks three pokemon of their choice. The second winner picks two of the remaining Pokemon and the third winner takes home the remaining Pokemon.
They’re all fab though.

(Ps. I have a hard time parting with that Frillish because have you SEEN how kickass a shiny female Jellicent looks?)

✿ Mbf me 

✿ No giveaway blogs!

✿ Must be comfortable trading FC with me!

✿ Reblog/Like as many times as you want!

✿ The giveaway will end on the 10/Sept/14 & the winner will be picked with a random generator!

*I will be doing giveaways of several other legendary and non-legendary shinies with 10 day intervals throughout this summer so please be on the lookout ♡

Shiny Hoenn starter giveaway
Shiny White Pokemon giveaway
Eight Shiny Eevee giveaway
Arceus giveaway
Two Mew and Three Shiny Ditto giveaway

Good luck! (◡‿◡✿) 

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